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Exfoliate skin and remove fine facial hair for a smooth, supple, vibrant complexion.

EpiBlade Dermal Leveling

Do you have “peach fuzz” facial hair? If the answer is yes, you might want to consider an alternative to microdermabrasion when you choose an exfoliation treatment. EpiBlade Dermal Leveling is a unique exfoliation treatment that works to remove dead skin layers and fine vellus hairs that don’t respond to laser hair removal. Using a scalpel and a delicate touch, a skincare professional at Renu will abrade the surface of your skin using light feathering strokes to reveal fresh, smooth skin.

EpiBlade Dermal Leveling Benefits

  • Perfect exfoliation treatment for thin, delicate skin.
  • Removes dead skin and vellus hair (peach fuzz).
  • Softens the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Allows skincare products to better penetrate the skin.
  • Recommended before laser treatments to improve efficacy.
Patient being treated
Patient being treated

Perfect For Topical Treatments

The EpiBlade dermaplane exfoliation procedure uses a surgical blade to safely and effectively exfoliate the skin. This, in turn, enables topical products to penetrate more deeply. Unlike traditional microdermabrasion or the SilkPeel procedure, the EpiBlade does not use vacuum pressure to pull impurities from the skin. You can also combine an EpiBlade treatment with metabolic chemical peels to experience a wonderful skin rejuvenation.

EpiBlade Treatment FAQ’s

How is an EpiBlade treatment performed?

EpiBlade Dermal Leveling is performed using a sterile surgical blade held at a 45-degree angle. The blade is then gently stroked along taut skin using a gentle touch.

Is EpiBlade Dermal Leveling safe?

This professional skin care treatment is extremely safe, with the same minimal risks associated with shaving.

Will my facial hair grow back thicker?

No. This is an “old wives” tale. However, when the hair is cut, it does have a blunt edge but that does not mean it will grow back thicker or darker than before.

What areas of the body can be treated?

EpiBlade Dermal Leveling is only performed on the face. At Renu, we do not blade the eye or chest areas.

How often is this procedure performed?

EpiBlade Dermal Leveling can be performed every 3-4 weeks. This procedure is excellent at removing 2-3 weeks worth of dead skin cells.

What skin types and conditions can be treated?

People with all skin types can benefit from EpiBlade Dermal Leveling. However, we don’t recommend this procedure for those suffering from acne and an overproduction of the sebaceous gland.

To find out if EpiBlade Dermal Leveling is right for you, call a Renu Medispa skincare professional near Boise to schedule a consult – 208.939.4456

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