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Introduction to Non-Surgical Butt Lift

While there are many surgical augmentation options available for body contouring, not everyone likes the idea of invasive procedures. Renu Medispa offers a Non-Surgical Butt Lift using Sculptra to provide our Eagle, ID patients with a more rounded and lifted buttock without the intensive nature and recovery of surgical procedures. To learn more about this treatment, please read the information we have provided below.

What is a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

A Non-Surgical Butt Lift is a cosmetic procedure that uses filler to enhance the shape and volume of your butt. At Renu Medispa, we use Sculptra, a poly-L-lactic-acid-based injectable filler that is FDA-approved and will thicken your skin and stimulate collagen production with micro-invasive injections made just below the skin. By stimulating your body’s natural, pre-existing collagen, the injectable filler creates a subtle lift and contour, giving your buttocks a more youthful and shapely appearance.

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What are the Benefits of a Non-Surgical Butt Lift?

Our Non-Surgical Butt Lift patients in Boise & Eagle have experienced many wonderful advantages from their procedure. We’ve included some of the top benefits we have seen firsthand:

  • Additional clothing options that accentuate your figure
  • Customizable treatments
  • A great option for patients who don’t want to undergo surgery
  • Improved self-confidence
  • Minimizes cellulite
  • No anesthetic injections required
  • Subtle but natural-looking results
  • Treatment is quick and safe
  • Zero downtime

Who are the Best Candidates for a Non-Surgical Butt Lift Procedure?

We believe the best candidates in Boise & Eagle, ID for a Non-Surgical Butt Lift are patients who possess the following characteristics: 

  • Currently at a stable weight
  • Don’t have enough excess to transfer for fat grafting
  • Have no allergies to the filler ingredients
  • Looking to improve the appearance without undergoing surgery
  • Realistic expectations about what this procedure can accomplish
  • Want long-term results without being permanent
  • Would like a better proportioned and contoured buttocks area with a subtle lift
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What’s the first Step?

If you are interested in getting a Non-Surgical Butt Lift in the Boise and Eagle, ID area, the first step is to contact Renu Medispa and schedule your free consultation. During this one-on-one appointment with either one of our Providers, you will be able to address all of your aesthetic desires, ask any questions and address concerns about the treatment, and have your body and butt evaluated. 

You will also need to answer some questions regarding your medical history, but this is strictly to prevent any unnecessary side effects during your treatment or recovery. Finally, your personalized treatment plan will be made and if you agree with it, our Guest Relations Specialist will help you schedule your treatment for a time that works best for you.

What to Expect on the Day of Non-Surgical Butt Lift

When you come into our clinic, we will first make you comfortable and have you lie down on our treatment table. After applying a topical anesthetic or numbing cream, the injector will make deliberate injections into strategic areas of your butt that will help give you a more shapely appearance. To get the best results, you may be asked to turn and even stand up at different times so that the filler will be injected into the best areas for you. 

The treated locations will be gently rubbed to spread around the Sculptra, and we will teach you the appropriate method as you will need to perform this at home. Once finished with the injections, you may also have bandages or gauze placed over the injection sites to stop any minor excess bleeding.

The entire procedure will take between 30 and 60 minutes depending on your goals and needs to achieve them.

Non-Surgical Butt Lift Recovery

After your treatment session, you will be able to return to your daily routine, but please keep in mind that you may feel some tenderness for the next few hours. We do recommend that you avoid any strenuous activities for the first 24 – 48 hours. You may also experience some bruising that will dissipate within two to three weeks. You will most likely be expected to return within a few weeks for an additional session, with most patients needing between two and four treatments.

We will provide you with some post-treatment instructions, specifically the “5-5-5 rule” which consists of lightly massaging the treated area for 5 minutes, 5 times a day, for the first 5 days of treatment. This routine action helps to distribute the filler, preventing any collagen bumps, and producing remarkable results.

How Much Does Non-Surgical Butt Lift Cost in Boise & Eagle, ID?

The cost of a Non-Surgical Butt Lift in Boise & Eagle, ID will vary on many different factors, including how many sessions you have and how much filler you will need. After your treatment plan is created, our Guest Relations Specialist will use this information to give you a price breakdown for your treatment.

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Why Choose Us?

At Renu Medispa in Eagle, ID, our commitment to excellence is deeply embedded in our practice. This dedication empowers us to craft personalized protocols that not only meet industry standards but consistently exceed our expectations, delivering remarkable injection outcomes for our cherished clients.

At the heart of our achievements lies our dedicated team, honed through rigorous training and expertise. Renu Medispa proudly stands as the exclusive laser facility in Idaho certified by the esteemed National Council on Laser Excellence, underscoring our unwavering commitment to training and safety. Our accomplished team guarantees you a level of professionalism and precision that shines brilliantly.


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