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Introduction to GentleWaves Photomodulation

GentleWaves Photomodulation at Renu Medispa harnesses the power of light to rejuvenate and awaken our patients’ radiant skin. By combining the artistry of science and the magic of light, our patients can discover a path to luminosity that transcends the aging process.

What is GentleWaves Photomodulation?

GentleWaves Photomodulation, offered at Renu Medispa in Eagle, ID just outside of Boise, is a cutting-edge skincare treatment that harnesses the power of light to rejuvenate and revitalize your complexion. This non-invasive procedure employs innovative LED technology to stimulate your skin at a cellular level, promoting natural collagen production and enhancing its overall appearance. 

Unlike traditional laser treatments, GentleWaves Photomodulation is gentle and painless, making it suitable for a wide range of skin types and concerns. As the soft and soothing light bathes your skin, it triggers a cascade of rejuvenating effects, leaving you with a complexion that radiates a youthful and luminous glow.

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What are the Benefits of GentleWaves Photomodulation?

The benefits of GentleWaves Photomodulation at Renu Medispa are as illuminating as the treatment itself. This revolutionary treatment offers a multitude of advantages for our patients in Idaho, such as: 

  • Stimulated collagen
  • Reduced fine lines
  • Even skin tone
  • Enhanced circulation
  • Minimized pore size
  • Quick and painless
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Natural radiance
  • Relaxing experience

Who are the Best Candidates for the GentleWaves Photomodulation procedure?

GentleWaves Photomodulation is suitable for a diverse range of individuals seeking skin rejuvenation and enhancement. Ideal candidates for this treatment include:

  • Those seeking skin rejuvenation
  • Sun-damaged skin
  • Sensitive skin types
  • Those who seek preventative skincare 
  • Those with busy lifestyles
  • All skin colors


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What’s the first Step?

Embarking on your journey to rejuvenated and radiant skin with GentleWaves Photomodulation at Renu Medispa in Boise and Eagle, ID, begins with a personalized consultation. This initial step is a pivotal moment where you’ll connect with a member of our expert team, who is dedicated to understanding your unique skincare goals and concerns.

During your consultation, you’ll have the opportunity to openly discuss your aspirations and learn about the transformative potential of GentleWaves Photomodulation. Your Provider will conduct a thorough assessment of your skin’s condition, allowing her to tailor a customized treatment plan that aligns with your individual needs.

Your comfort, safety, and satisfaction are paramount, and the consultation sets the foundation for a partnership aimed at unveiling your skin’s natural radiance.

What to Expect on the Day of GentleWaves Photomodulation

On the day of your GentleWaves Photomodulation treatment in the Boise & Eagle, ID area, prepare to step into a space of confident rejuvenation. As you enter our welcoming room, you’ll be greeted by our attentive team, who are dedicated to creating a serene environment for your skincare journey.

With the soft glow of specialized LED lights embracing your skin, you’ll experience a soothing sensation that stimulates your skin’s natural radiance.The treatment, often described as calming and painless, takes just a short time, allowing you to seamlessly continue with your day’s activities afterward. From the moment you walk into the moment you leave, the day of your GentleWaves Photomodulation treatment promises a rejuvenating experience.

GentleWaves Photomodulation Recovery

The recovery following GentleWaves Photomodulation at Renu Medispa is refreshingly uncomplicated. This non-invasive treatment requires minimal to no downtime, allowing you to immediately resume your daily activities with a radiant glow-up. Some individuals may experience a mild warmth or slight pinkness in the treated area, which is a normal and temporary response to the light therapy, and will slowly go away in the hours after the treatment, 

How Much Does GentleWaves Photomodulation Cost in Boise, ID?

The cost of GentleWaves Photomodulation in Boise and Eagle, ID, can vary depending on several factors, including the number of sessions recommended for your specific skincare goals and the extent of the areas being treated. 

To receive accurate and up-to-date pricing information tailored to your individual needs, we recommend scheduling a consultation with our providers.

Why Choose Us?

Choosing Renu Medispa means embracing a standard of excellence in the world of aesthetics, guided by the skilled hands of our Aesthetics team. With a reputation as trailblazers, we introduce cutting-edge treatments and protocols to our community, ensuring that you receive the latest advancements in skincare. Our commitment to excellence is embedded in every aspect of our practice, from meticulous onsite testing of technology to crafting personalized treatment plans that surpass expectations. Begin your journey with us, and let the light of GentleWaves Photomodulation shine the way! 


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