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Introduction to Blu-U

Acne is one of those conditions that cause issues for so many people growing up, and can even affect us in our older years. The body will continue to produce blemishes, whiteheads, blackheads, or even cystic acne, which can be quite painful. With Blu-U at Renu Medispa, we can eliminate stubborn acne and achieve clear skin with a trusted solution that restores your skin for a healthy, radiant glow.

What is Blu-U?

Acne doesn’t just affect teenagers. Many people suffer from the unwanted effects of acne well into adulthood. Fortunately, there’s a quick, easy, pain-free solution for moderate acne.

LED acne treatment with blue light therapy provides a minimally invasive, drug-free solution to unsightly blemishes and large pores. Exposure to blue light therapy targets and kills acne-causing bacteria while decreasing oil production from the sebaceous glands, preventing future breakouts.

FDA-approved for moderate inflammatory acne, Blue light therapy involves a series of safe, simple 15-minute sessions over a six-week course. This treatment series is generally effective in helping clients manage problematic acne. At Renu Medispa, we are proud to feature the original Blu-U treatment unit from DUSA.


What are the Benefits of Blu-U?

  • It Kills P. Acne bacteria on your skin.
  • Decreases oil production.
  • Quick, painless treatment.
  • Treats and prevents future breakouts.
  • Reduces acne inflammation.

Who are the Best Candidates for the Blu-U procedure?

One of the great things about this laser treatment is that anyone can be a great candidate. Whether you have moderate to severe acne, sun damage, or textural irregularities, Blu-U is safe for patients of all skin types, from light to dark complexions.


What’s the first Step?

The first step in getting the Blu-U treatment in the Boise area is to call Renu Medispa and schedule your consultation. When you come in, you will meet with one of our Aestheticians who will examine your skin and answer any questions that you may have. You will also be asked about your medical history which will include any medications you may currently be taking. Your provider will discuss all of your options and when the two of you decide on the best course of action to treat your acne and/or pores, your personal treatment plan will be made and our Guest Relations Specialist will help you schedule your first Blu-U appointment.

What to Expect on the Day of Blu-U

Blu-U light kills acne-causing bacteria known as Propionibacterium acnes (P acnes) that cause inflammation. Since P acnes are sensitive to blue light, this treatment therapy eliminates the bacteria found in the skin’s oil glands. The best part? This treatment causes oil glands to shrink in size, resulting in less oil production and less bacteria, for a lasting acne treatment solution.

Blu-U Blue Light Therapy effectively eliminates bacteria from the skin while decreasing inflammation associated with acne and red pimples. After a series of treatments, blemishes disappear, and the skin clears to its normal appearance.

Blu-U Recovery

Patients of Renu Medispa report a significant decrease in acne. Not only do they achieve clearer skin, they significantly boost their self-esteem as well. Because acne affects people of all ages, blue light therapy boosts the social life of patients in both their personal and professional settings by treating and preventing future acne breakouts. We consider this an extremely valuable success beyond just improving the acne condition itself.

How Much Does Blu-U Cost in Boise, ID?

The cost of Blu-U in Boise and Eagle, ID will vary from patient to patient and is largely determined by the size of the area being treated and the number of sessions you will need, among a few other factors. After having your consultation with one of our certified technicians, they will be able to draw up a treatment plan for you that will include your price breakdown of the procedure.

Why Choose Us?

Since 2003, Renu Medispa has been providing Treasure Valley aesthetic treatments. In fact, Renu Medispa received the only nomination for aesthetics by the Better Business Bureau for their Integrity Counts Award. With a steadily growing clientele of more than 10,000 patients served (including 10% of out-of-state patients), our team works tirelessly to ensure that each patient is properly educated and deeply satisfied with the treatments performed at Renu Medispa. Our team is dedicated to being the best Medical Spa in the Bosie and Eagle, ID area by consistently training and learning new methods, as well as providing the latest and greatest treatments.


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