Botox: Boise’s Leading Experts

By Renu Medispa

You don’t have to go to Hollywood to get the best Botox – Boise has some of the best anti-aging experts in the business. When it comes to the most sophisticated anti-aging treatments in Boise, Renu Medispa should be your top destination. Though spa treatments are relaxing, they do little to actually stop aging or erase fine lines. Plastic surgery is a drastic step and carries a lot of risks. Medical spa treatments are the perfect “happy medium” and deliver powerful and proven anti-aging results with minimally-invasive procedures.

Renu Medispa: Boise Botox, Cosmetic Procedures and Non-surgical Facelifts

For the anti-aging experts at Renu Medispa Boise – Botox, cosmetic procedures and non-surgical facelifts are our specialty. Unlike the typical spa, our technicians are highly-trained in the most innovative technology available. Not a day goes by when we aren’t expanding our knowledge, improving our training and looking into the newest in skincare technology to serve our clients better. Spa treatments are a nice “treat,” but don’t provide lasting or meaningful results. To see a major change, you need to go more than skin deep. Our services range from microdermabrasion, Venus Freeze, dermal fillers, and Botox. Boise residents who’ve used our services are experiencing incredible results that they can see and feel.

A Safe Nonsurgical Facelift: Boise’s Best Kept Secret

If you’re serious about a non-surgical facelift, Boise has some safe and powerful options. Unlike a traditional facelift, which requires anesthesia and surgery, a non-surgical facelift can create similar results without the risk of being put under in an operating room. A non-surgical facelift is also a lot friendlier on your budget than a traditional surgical facelift. After undergoing a surgery-free facelift, you can expect minimal healing time when compared to a standard facelift – and you can also expect results that can be seen almost immediately.

Hollywood Looks in Boise, Idaho: Venus Freeze

If you’re looking for a red carpet look in Boise, Idaho – Venus Freeze may be the answer you’re searching for. The Venus Freeze treatment is considered Hollywood’s hottest new anti-aging treatment – and for good reason. The Venus Freeze works by emitting a powerful combination of bi-polar radio frequency and magnetic pulses that boosts your body’s collagen and elastin production, leading to healthier, firmer and younger looking skin. The best part is that Venus Freeze can be used on the whole body, creating a youthful look from head to toe.

If you’re interested in Venus Freeze treatments, non-surgical facelifts and Botox, Boise’s top experts at Renu Medispa are waiting to see you! Visit our Boise medical spa website to check out new specials, see what our happy customers have to say, and enter to win a spa certificate worth $1,000.

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