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It’s no secret, and there’s no shame in it. Men around the world are reversing the signs of aging and putting their best face forward by maintaining a more youthful look.

BOTOX For Men In Boise | Eagle, ID

Despite its name, Brotox is the same BOTOX® treatment women get to smooth and relax fine lines and wrinkles. Botox works to temporarily weaken the muscles beneath the skin, reducing their ability to contract when you smile, frown, or squint, which causes wrinkles over time. In less than 15-30 minutes, a master injector at Renu with experience injecting males to avoid feminization of the face, will carefully administer Botox injections to desired areas while you relax. The best part? You can schedule an appointment during your lunch break because there is little to no downtime afterward.

Most men will see visible results in as little as three to five days with a lasting treatment of three to four months. However, it can take up to 14 days for full effect. Clients that make regular Brotox appointments and follow the suggestions and recommendations of our cosmetic professionals will typically maintain long-lasting results.

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Why Men Respect Brotox

In today’s world, more men are opting for cosmetic procedures like BOTOX® to help them maintain a more youthful look. While the logistics for getting Brotox injectable treatments are similar to women, there are a few additional reasons men respect Brotox.

Men are just as susceptible to the aging process

Historically, the beauty of a woman’s physical appearance has been more emphasized than men’s. However, women aren’t the only ones who deserve to look good. Time doesn’t discriminate. If you want to reverse the signs of aging and maintain a more youthful appearance, BOTOX® is the perfect procedure, no matter your gender.

Men have a different facial features

While we all have two eyes, a nose, and a mouth, men have several significant differences when it comes to their facial features than women. Typically, men have 20% larger skulls than women, meaning they have more facial muscles. This means they need to be injected differently to avoid feminization of the face. Because these muscles contract every time you smile, frown, or squint, more wrinkles are prone to develop over time compared to women.

Men want to feel good about themselves

Just like women, men want to look and feel their best. A Brotox treatment can provide just that. When you look your best on the outside, you feel your best on the inside, which has a positive effect on your confidence, overall happiness, and quality of life.

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