Look your best at any age with Goldwave — a simple, minimally invasive aesthetic treatment for skin rejuvenation.

Goldwave Therapy

Look your best at any age with Goldwave — a simple, minimally invasive aesthetic treatment for skin rejuvenation.

The Most Revolutionary, Pain-Free Skin Contouring System


Goldwave Therapy utilizes microneedling and radio frequency to heat treatment areas beneath the epidermis. This dramatically improves the overall outcome compared to other microneedling systems. By using insulated needles, Goldwave Therapy bypasses the epidermis and delivers strong thermal energy to create thousands of fractional coagulation zones in the skin, promoting the natural wound healing process.

This, in turn, increases the production of new collagen, remodeling of elastin, and wound contraction, enhancing the laxity of skin. Because the thermal energy is delivered beneath the skin, there is significantly less risk of complications commonly associated with ablative and fractional lasers, with virtually no pain and little to no downtime.

At Renu MediSpa, we provide our patients with a custom numbing cream before treatment to ensure 100% comfort throughout the process. Plus, the Goldwave Therapy’s ultra-thin needles deliver smooth, precise insertions with virtually no discomfort as compared to any other device.

Once treatment areas have been numbed, Goldwave Therapy feels like light pressure with an occasional, light flickering feeling.

Depending on a patient’s unique, individual goals, the number of treatments needed will vary. However, on average, three sessions are usually recommended four to six weeks apart for optimal results. For skin tightening, more Goldwave Therapy sessions may be recommended depending on the level needed. Each Goldwave Therapy session usually lasts between 30-45 minutes, with additional time needed for numbing.

Goldwave Therapy has minimal to no downtime. Clients can go about their daily routine without any indication of treatment. Patients may experience red, warm skin; however this tends to subside before you leave our office. Supplement treatment with serums and recovery protocols may be recommended for optimal results and faster recovery.

Lasting results vary from patient to patient. However, the production of collagen and elastin continues to accelerate over a period of six months, with results improving over time.

Goldwave Therapy works on all skin types, including patients with tan or dark skin.

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