By Renu Medispa

Are your pores populating like pot-holes on the pavement? Are you on a first name basis with your enlarged orifices of audacity? Then chances are you are not alone. In this week’s DermaDude blog we discuss the question “Can anything be done to reduce pore size?” We will review why people have different pore sizes, and how, at least in a significant percentage of patients, pore size can be adjusted to some degree.

The size of the follicle and the diameter of the follicular opening (pore) are a result of genetics and of skin type (dry, normal/combination or oily). There is very little that can be done to correct the genetic influence on pore size. However, there are treatments we can pursue to lessen the effects of external factors on pore size.

External forces cause damage to our skin and are the leading factors in enlarged pore size. Think of your follicle opening, or pore, as that of an opening to a woven basket. The opening of the basket is created by interweaving fibrous materials. Skin damage occurs when ultraviolet light penetrates into the pore causing destruction of the elastin and collagen fiber basket. The destruction expands the opening, making it appear larger. Even subtle changes in the size of the pore diameter are noticed because a larger opening produces and shadow-type of effect.

Another factor in pore size appearance is skin oil production. When the pore is lined with this oil, the opening appears smaller. Oil gland inhibitors causing a reduction in oil production may contribute to the appearance of enlarged pore size.

When temperatures reach above 90 degrees Fahrenheit, there is significant dilation of the oil glands for a cooling effect, so the pores become more prominent. In the summertime, pores appear more prominent with a wider opening.

Thankfully here at Renu we offer treatments that induce the rejuvenation of elastin and collagen fibers to impact the appearance of the pore.

Schedule a free consultation with me, the DermaDude, and we can get you on a plan to purge those pretentious pores.

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