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You don’t have to live with embarrassment and discomfort. Soothe and reduce red, inflamed skin with treatments options that improve your overall look — and boost your confidence.


At Renu MediSpa near Boise, Rosacea is a popular skin treatment we offer treatments for. We love helping clients who struggle with chronic skin conditions feel more confident and in control. Rosacea is a skin condition associated with flushing and redness in the face, dry and rough spots, and acne-like breakouts that can be very painful. In the most extreme cases, the skin thickens and begins to show a scar-like bumpy texture.

Unfortunately, rosacea is often misunderstood as “sensitive skin.” However, people who suffer from rosacea know it is much more than sensitivity. This is a chronic, inflammatory skin condition that needs to be treated by trained skin professionals. Without proper treatment, the symptoms of rosacea will continue to worsen.

Rosacea Treatment before & After

Even the most mild cases of rosacea can affect one’s quality of life. Our clients talk about feeling frustrated by their lack of success in treating their condition. Many say they avoid social situations and activities they enjoy when they are having a bad outbreak of their rosacea.

Treatment options for rosacea continue to improve and evolve. The same high-tech treatments we use for anti-aging goals can have a dramatic effect on the symptoms of rosacea. Laser treatments can be used to reduce redness and acne-like breakouts. Our treatment specialists can discuss your unique goals, triggers, and what has worked for you in the past. We can create a customized treatment plan using all the tools we have, from the highest-end lasers to the best sunscreen and facial products we’ve brought in from around the globe.

Doctors and scientists don’t fully understand the causes or triggers for rosacea, and the symptoms are different for everyone. There are even different types of rosacea that exhibit differently.

Regain the confidence of great skin with options to treat and heal your rosacea. Erythematotelangiectatic Rosacea (ETR) is associated with facial redness, flushing, and visible blood vessels. Papulopustular Rosacea is a type of rosacea that looks more like acne breakouts than other types, and often affects middle-aged women. Rhinophyma Rosacea involves the nose tip, with thicker, reddish skin, prominent blood vessels, and pitting due to prominent pores and scarring.

All of these types of rosacea cause skin irritation, redness, sores, and itching. The good news is that your Renu Skin Specialists can help you understand the lifestyle changes that can positively impact your symptoms, like wearing sunscreen and avoiding products that can make your skin worse. They can advise you on which treatment options would work best for your unique symptoms and skin goals. Don’t continue to struggle with the pain of rosacea; let us help you effectively treat this chronic condition.

To find out if Rosacea procedures are right for you, call a Renu Medispa skincare professional near Boise to schedule a consult – 208.939.4456

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