Who is the DermaDude?

By Renu Medispa

Hello all you wonderful Renu Medispa friends!  This is Jason.  I am one of the latest Estheticians to join the Renu family.  I have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of the past 6 months since I’ve been here.  I would like to take a moment to reintroduce myself and introduce my new weekly blog.

As I’m meeting all of you, our lovely clients, I’m often asked a couple of questions.  “How did I find Esthetics as a career field?” and “As a guy, what about Esthetics appeals to me?”

When I was just starting out my professional career I chose to obtain a business degree; at the time it seemed the most stable and safe direction to go.  I’ve worked in the high-tech, banking, commercial construction, and residential sales and property management industries.  I had the privilege to work with customers and clients from all over the world and from different cultures.  However, during this time I pursued what I “ought” to be doing, but never stopped and pondered what do I “want” to be doing; and what suits me best.  I chose Esthetics as a career field after about two years of a career and personal re-invention

Thankfully, opportunity came where I could really take some time and reevaluate myself; my interests, my strengths, my skill set, my experience, and my passions and pursue the career of my dreams.  With a dedicated pursuit and some chance–I came by Esthetics as the career of my dreams.

There are several aspects of myself binding me with this exciting field of work: my genuine care for people and my passion for high-quality customer service; productive teaming and partnership; strong problem-solving and troubleshooting skills; hunger for knowledge and a passion to share knowledge; satisfaction of seeing direct results of my work; and high ethical standards.  I am privileged to work with wonderful teammates who exude these same characteristics as well as bring their individual flair to make this a dynamic, energetic, and well-rounded team.  To us at Renu, the field of esthetics is not just a job, but a passionate pursuit.

I smile to myself when I’m asked about what appeals to me about this profession as a guy.  Because, when asked that question, I’m thinking to myself, “What’s not to like?”  I am surrounded by the use of cool tools and cutting edge technology like LASER used in Sub LUX IR and Fractional Skin Resurfacing; medical grade acids used in our chemical exfoliations; medical grade mechanical exfoliation tools such as our Diamond Tome microdermabrasion and surgical blades used in our Epi-Blade exfoliation treatment; cutting edge and modern active ingredients such as Alpha Hydroxy Acids and Retinols; and natural botanicals used and proven for thousands of years.  My tool belt may not be a hammer and screwdriver, but are still just as functional and purposeful.  As a guy, I’m looking for results oriented treatments and products for my clients.  I’m not easily swayed by hype or marketing and look to find the truth behind any claim.  This profession appeals to my “I want to fix it” nature.  Think of me as Tim the Tool Man, but for skin health.

The primary purpose of my weekly blog is to partner with you; to learn together to find solutions to your skin care concerns.  I will share information based on questions directly asked by you in my treatment rooms.  Together we can create a knowledge information source for you to make informed decisions regarding your skin health.

During my esthetic studies my classmates dubbed me the DermaDude and I now carry this moniker to Renu.  So who is the DermaDude; I am…Jason…your friendly neighborhood esthetician at Renu Medispa.

I look forward to meeting you all!

As a bonus, if you call here at Renu (208.939.4456) by June 11th and schedule an exfoliation treatment with me, the DermaDude, you get a free Ultrasonic add-on treatment.  Ask for the DermaDude special.

Your Partner in Skin Health,



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